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C-MORE is a socially-driven company*, B-Corp, with the mission to translate sustainability into business. C-MORE believes that the success and future of companies is intertwined with their sustainability impact and initiatives in their business models.




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Carolina is an extraordinary Human Being! One of the most beautiful I have ever met. Perhaps that is why I feel deeply privileged to feel her as a soul sister. In addition to my feeling, I recognize that Carolina is a brilliant professional, an integral person, loyal to her principles and values, as she does not allow herself to be corrupted by anything that diverts her from them, and is the person I know with the stronger sense of mission and purpose, perceptible through their strong convictions and actions.
It is therefore an enormous honor for me to be able to share, to work with and for her.
Working with Carolina represents for me working with an impact for society, for people, and for their sustainability, always with enormous respect for each one and above all, always working with a sense of mission and purpose that surpasses her and her personal needs. I know that when I challenge Carolina for some project, I will always have an enormous desire on her part to add value to the project and to the people who are part of it. She is like that, immense in her ability to touch the other.
In all the projects she embraces, whether small or complex, she always has an enormous capacity for delivery and an immeasurable sensitivity to put into practice all her vast knowledge, and it is really vast, in favor of the human beings in front of her, and her energy always involves the players in a contagious and responsible way.
Her thirst for knowledge, her ability to learn while doing, as well as her enormous resilience and hard work have contributed to developing her work methodology, as one of the ones I consider most robust, with the most meaning and the greatest impact in today’s times.
Carolina consistently practices what she says, definitely “She walks Her talk!”

Lígia Neves

CEO | DareToBeGreat COO | Publishing Partner INNOVATE™ Portugal na Innovations of the World by Global Village Ventures

I have had the pleasure of working with Carolina on various projects over the years. The first thing that strikes everyone when she walks into a room is her enthusiasm which instantly becomes contagious. What makes her really special however is her ability to inspire and motivate any person she comes into contact with. Carolina has the very rare to find combination of real world experience, practical attention to process, unstoppable drive and soaring vision. It is people like Carolina who change the world, not with force, but by wisely guiding and lighting fires of hope in the souls of everyone she touches.

I wish her all the success in the world with her new project – C-MORE.

Paulo Silva

Investor, Entrepreneur

Carolina Almeida Cruz, the name precedes the woman. It is not easy to define such an extraordinary human being. I met Carolina during my masters at Católica Lisbon, and she truly changed the way I saw myself and the corporate world in just a few weeks. She is one of the best speakers, with the power of aggregating people towards a common goal.
She is determined and fierce, with an incredible work ethic. She is kind and compassionate. She has no fear of change and is constantly trying to make our world better. She is an entrepreneur and one of the most beautiful minds I´ve had the luck to come across. Carolina is still today a part of my life, and I can only be grateful to have her as my friend. In the times I feel lost she is the one I call, because I know she asks the right questions to keep me in track.
If I had to choose one expression to define her: role model.

Catarina Galhardo

Product Developer @Tagus

Working with C-MORE is a constant inspiration! Inspiration to be the best version of ourselves, which naturally can be seen in the quality of the projects we develop together. In all interactions, they were always willing to help, reliable and with gigantic technical knowledge. It will always be a pleasure to work with C-MORE!

Catarina Vasconcelos

Closer Consulting- HR Manager)

The inspiring C-MORE’s Team is special and turns special everything they are involved in. Vision and
action, trustful and team players, committed and inspiring all others, hands on and always focused in
people. A pleasure and a blessing to work with them!”

Ricardo Malheiro

Thyssenkrupp Elevadores Portugal / DMC Lisbon- CEO

Work with C-MORE is…amazing. They are demanding, perfectionists and super dedicated. They embrace all the projects full heartedly and give everything they can. You should work with this incredible Team!

Maria Braga

MBI- Founder
The greatest experience we have is making it happen.