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Chinese central bank announces measures to reinforce Hong Kong’s role as a financial center
Coinext report points out 7 crypto sectors that will boom and the best cryptocurrencies in each of them

First exchange for SMEs in Brazil will measure the degree of ESG maturity of listed companies

First group of Portuguese companies joins ELITE, Euronext’s private companies ecosystem

Entrepreneur uses AI to measure ESG maturity in companies


S is for Sustainability

The Environment as an investment, not a cost

Portuguese software that assesses sustainability wants to conquer Asia

INNOVATE® OEIRAS –Launching Event

Quality data are key to combating greenwashing and social washing

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Climate Change: How many years fit into a decade?

What links George Clooney’s tequila to the logistics crisis in the UK?

It doesn’t matter who did wrong in Afghanistan

Respecting human rights is not a moral or fashion issue: it is survival

The Role of the Costumer in defending human rights

Humans for humans

4th Editions of the Portuguese Women in Tech Awards 2021

Humanity Project

#FreeBritney: a case of modern slavery?

We are not feminists if we do not defend the rights of the women who make our clothes

The traditional fashion industry

Odemira, a case of modern slavery

Modern Slavery

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